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#1. Although a deficiency of any one of the elements listed may result in chlorosis, only one of these elements is an element found in chlorophyll. Which is it?

#2. Which of the following elements is almost non-essential for plants?

#3. The science concerned with vegetable culture is called

#4. Who announced the launched of Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana ?

#5. Which of the following potassic fertilizers are soluble in water?

#6. When did the Government present Kisan Credit Card Scheme?

#7. Which is the highest wool producing india state, as per 2009-10?

#8. Which state was the leading producer of fish in india during 2013-14 records?


#9. Which is the highest oilseeds producing india state, as per 2013-14?

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#10. In which of the following structure the infiltration rate will be minimum -

#11. The concept that involves mixing two or more types of farming in one area of land is known as -

#12. Salinization of soil is a great problem in

#13. Phala blight of sugarcane disease is caused due to deficiency of which nutrient ?

#14. Mono ammonium phosphate contains ........ % N.

#15. Lose smut of wheat is disseminated by.

#16. Obligate parasites survive

#17. Rusts of wheat can best be managed by

#18. The most abundant microorganisms in soils are -

#19. Which element is associated with nitrogen fixation-

#20. Which one of the following crops is best suited as inter-crop in banana ?

#21. The C:N ration of humus is -

#22. Vector of cotton leaf curl virus is -

#23. Which of the following can increase ethylene production ?

#24. Which plant cannot fix atmospheric Nitrogen ?

#25. Enzymatic reaction are affected by

#26. Which of the following is a natural growth regulator ?

#27. All are membrane bound cell organelles except -

#28. Forage crops for dry land includes -

#29. Seedlessness in Sindhu variety of mango is due to __________ parthenocarpy