Agrimentors Chandigarh

NABARD Mains - 2021

One Liner Question Answer
1. Study of fruits is called?
2. What is the Agroforestry system where Perennial hedges and crops are grown together?
Alley cropping
3. What is the size of operational holding of small farmers as per Agri census?
1-2 ha.
4. What is the contribution of livestock to GVA 2018-19 in Indian economy as per National Accounts Statistics?
5. What is the percentage of weaver households in rural India as per the 4th Handloom census?
6. What are the hens specially reared for eggs called?
7. In order to regulate the temperature and to get rid of insects, the process of buffaloes rolling in water/mud is called as ?
8. Growing of two more crops simultaneously on the same field 2 is known as?
9. Which of the following is a Gols scheme that includes wage employment, community assets, individual beneficiary orientation programme?
10. What is the minimum fraction of area to be covered under forest/tree cover under National Forest Policy?
11. Which of the following is the name under which MUDRA gives loans upto Rs 50000 to beneficiary organisation?
12. Wheel hoe is a widely accepted tool for?
13. Covering of soil around the plant by straw, hay, leaves to conserve moisture is called as
14. What is the traditional method of processing fish by salting, drying, smoking, pickling called?
15. Which of the following schemes has been renamed as National Rural Livelihood Mission?
Swarna Jayanti
Gram Swarozgar Yojna
16. What is the annual crop that generates larger residual quantum in Indian agriculture?
Cereal crops
17. What is the education test conducted by the farmers under the direct supervision of extension worker to prove advantages of recommended method?
Result Demonstration
18. Which of the following is the state in India with highest registered FPCs?
19. What is the name of the proportion of soil occupied by air and water?
20. Under which of the following categories, more number of commodities are marketed under e-NAM initiative?
21. As per UNEP Emissions GAP report 2020, which of the following countries is the largest contributor of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions?
22. Colour of which of the following soils is red due to diffusion of iron rather than pressure of environment?
Red soil
23. Which of the following is a Potamodromous fish?
Flathead catfish
24. Which of the following is a metal iron storage structure?
25. Haryana belongs to which of the following Agro-climatic zone?
Trans-Ganga Plains Region
26. Which of the following is the method of irrigation where water is applied near root zone?
Drip Irrigation
27. Which of the following is organic in nature?
Cow dung
28. Quincunx system of planting is followed in which of the following crops?
Fruit trees
29. What is the name of the indigenous major carp which is also known to be fastest growing among fin fishes?
Catla Catla
30. Identify the instrument used for measuring the humidity, or amount of water vapour in the air?
31. What is the eagri marketing initiative launched by Indian Tobacco Company Ltd.?
32. Which of the following states has the highest number of SHGs run by women?
33. Gol has launched a scheme for entire supply chain viz. pre- cooling, weighing, sorting, grading, waxing facilities at farm level, multi product/ multi temperature cold storage, CA storage, packing facility, IQF, blast freezing in the distribution hub and reefer vans, mobile cooling units for facilitating distribution of horticulture, organic produce, marine, dairy, meat and poultry etc. under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana?
Integrated Cold Chain and Value Addition Infrastructure
34. All women SHGs under DAY— NRLM, will be eligible for interest subvention on prompt payment to the extent of difference between the lending rates and 7% for the loan up to Rs, 300,000/- subject to maximum of ______ or as prescribed by the MORD.
35. Which of the following is a major objective of Atal Bhujal Yojana?
To improve the management of groundwater resources
36. What is the area covered under the medium irrigation project, less than__ha and more than___________ ha?
10000, 2000
37. Which of the following is the name of the NABARD project for ease of doing digitalized banking business with SHGs?
37. Which of the following is the name of the NABARD project for ease of doing digitalized banking business with SHGs?
38. What is the name of male goat that is capable of breeding?
39. The scheme that has been launched as an intervention to protect the growers of fruits and vegetables from making distress sale due to lockdown and reduce the post-harvest losses.
Operation Greens
40. Urea has highest content of __with__%
Nitrogen, 46