Agrimentors Chandigarh

NABARD Mains - 2020

One Liner Question Answer
1. Which of the following acts a trap crop for Onion leaf miner?
2. Under Interest Subvention Scheme, RBI sanctions loan upto __lakh with the interest rate of 7%.?
3 Lakhs
3. Which of the following is the knowledge partner of the committee on doubling farmers income by 2022?
National Council of Applied Economic Research
4. Under which of the following industry maximum greenhouse gas emission has taken place in India?
Agriculture, Forestry & Other land use
5. Which state has the largest area under micro irrigation scheme?
6. What is rosette in ground nut?
Peanut pathogenic virus
7. Which of the following crop is known as white gold?
8. PMFBY does not cover the risk of crop damage arising from?
Damage by wild animals
9. Identify the incorrect statement regarding PM-KISAN Samman Nidhi?
Scheme gives 6000 rupees at the starting of year
10. What is the Operating Ratio under farm management?
Ratio of operating expenses/gross profit
11. Arrange the production share of horticulture crops in the descending order for the year 2018-19?
Vegetable>Fruits>Pla ntation>Spices>Arom atic plants
12. Which of the following breeds of sheep is famous for its finest carpet wool?
13. Under which of the following scheme 100 days employment is given to people for unskilled manual labor?
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
14. Which type of ecosystem in India has richest alluvial soil with adequate water?
Northern Plains
15. Which of the following crop is suitable for crop rotation to enrich soil deficiency of nitrogen?
16. Which of the following is the most serious virus disease that has affected the poultry Industry in India?
Ranikhet disease
17. In which of the following years RBI had introduced the Banking Correspondent Model to enhance financial inclusion?
18. What is the aim of Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana?
To uplift the poor by enhancing sustainable livelihood opportunities through skill development
19. Commodity exchange in India is regulated by?
20. Which of the following nutrient plays key role in sugar synthesis of sugarcane?
21. Inarching grafting method is practiced in which food crop?
22. Government provides a subsidy of on the purchase of combine harvester?
40% of the project cost
23. Which of the following soils has the property of self ploughing?
Black Soils
24. Swasth Dhara Khet Hara" is a slogan of which of the following government schemes?
Soil Health Card
25. Which of the following is the most dominant factor of soil degradation in semi-arid zones in India?
Soil erosion
26. Which of the following fish breed bred in freshwater but lives in salt water?
27. Lancing is practiced in which crop?
28. Which of the following is more important that goes as an input in determination of MSP but is not the only deciding MSP by CACP?
Cost of production
29. Elephant grass is popularly called as ?
Napier grass
30. According to IMD rainy day is defined as ?
A day with rainfall of 2.5 mm or more
31. Which of the following committee has recommended democratic decentralization which ultimately came to be known as Panchayati Raj?
Balwant Rai Mehta committee
32. Tipping is practiced in which of the following crops?
33. Which of the following soil has the best water retention?
Clayey soils
34. PSS (Price Support Scheme) and PDPS (Price Deficiency Payment Scheme) are the components of which of the following schemes?
35. Economic life of layer poultry bird is ___weeks?
21-72 weeks
36. Which of the following statement is correct regarding minor irrigation scheme?
It covers command area of 2000 hectares
37. Which of the following states is the highest producer of sunflower?
38. Recently Finance Minister announced in the Budget 2020-21 about the revival of Agriculture sector through___point programme.
39. Which of the following crop occupies largest area in India?
Potato (According to Options)
40. NAFED has been established for which type of cooperative society?
41.Which state/UT has prepared poultry policy 2020 for first time to boost poultry production in the region ?
J & K