Agrimentors Chandigarh

Bank of Maharashtra - 2021

One Liner Question Answer
1. Which of the following state has lowest inland water reservoir?
2. Name the physiological disorder in the mango where fruit from outside looks normal but inside patch flesh become sponge, yellow, sour?
Spongy tissue
3. The farming system where crops and livestock interact to create a synergy, with recycling allowing the maximum use of available resources?
Integrated Farming System
4. Calcareous soil gives effervescence visibly when treated with diluted 0.1 N HCL due to release of?
5. Head Quarter of ICAR-Indian institute of soil and water conservation is situated at?
6. Development of Agriculture ecosystem intended to be sustainable and self sufficient?
7. How many total agroclimatic zones are in india?
8. Green house technology was started in India during?
9. Which soil has high water holding capacity but poor drainage?
Black soil
10. Blue colour seed tag indicates?
Certified seed
11. Which silk known as golden treasure of Assam?
Muga silk
12. Which of the following is a neutral fertilizer?
13. MSP is announced by?
Central govt.
14. Which of the following act regulates agricultural product market?
APMC by State Government
15. Name the irrigation method which has most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops and delivers water and nutrients directly to the plants root zone
Drip irrigation
16. Minimum lease period of land for establishment of Mega food park should be?
75 yr
17. Privatized seeds, inputs, and markets are inaccessible and expensive for peasants. Indian farmers increasingly find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt, because of the high production costs, high interest rates for credit, the volatile market prices of crops, the rising costs of fossil fuel based inputs, and private seeds. Debt is a problem for farmers of all sizes in India. Under such conditions, which farming practice is best?
Zero Budget Natural Farming
18. Under PMFBY, the premium (%) to be paid by farmer of the total cost for kharif season oilseed, foodgrains crops is?
2% of SI or Actuarial rate, whichever is less
19. Legal entity formed by primary producer i.e. farmer, milk producer, fisherman etc. which can be a producer compny, cooperative society or any legal firm which provide sharing of profit among members known as?
Producer organization
20. Which among the following has lowest seed multiplication ratio (SMR)? A cold treatment which is given to the plants and it responds with its flowering is referred as?
21. A cold treatment which is given to the plants and it responds with its flowering is referred as?
22. Which of the following state has highest area under organic farming?
23. Which of the following state has highest inland water resource in the form of brackish water?
24. Soil loss equation A=RKLSCP, in which K stands for?
Soil erodibility
25. Land holding of marginal farmer is ?
Upto 1 ha
26. What is the appropriate distance that should be maintained between rural godown and Animal husbandry/Dairy farm?
300 m
27. What is the quantum of subsidy provided to the women beneficiaries for the purchase of 20 HP tractor under SMAM?
(Incomplete question) None of these
28. In which crop Pepsico PVT Ltd. and government of Maharashtra collaborately started a PPP drip irrigation project?
29. Crossing of cross breed animal to its pure parent in F2 is known as?
Back crossing
30. Urea is made by the constitution of?
Ammonia + CO2
31. Name the disease of Banana which gives bunchy and stunting growth on plant, chlorosis and streaks on the lower portion of leaf midrib and later on the secondary vein's called "Morse code" is?
Bunchy top
32. Which among the following river basin has highest surface utilizable water flow?
33. Downward movement of water within the soil laterally with the force of gravity in saturated soil is known as?
Percolation (When the soil profile is wetted, the movement of more water flowing through the wetted soil is termed percolation.)
34. Which of the following institute developed embryo transfer technology?
35. NPOP Program is regulated by?
Ministry of commerce and industry
36. A fertilizer which is present in the form of granules instead of vapour form?
Granular fertilizer
37. An innovative science based institution, which is established mainly to impart vocational training to the farmers and field level extension workers?
38. Which among the following fertilizer contains lowest amount of nitrogen?
Amonium sulphate
39. What is the criteria for loan distribution under Kisan Credit Card?
Loan for crop growing and other allied activities of agriculture
40. In which type of tillage less than 15% crop residues left on soil surface?
Conventional tillage
41. Which among the following scheme is related to organic farming in the country?
42. IRRI and Its national research partner developed golden rice to complement the deficiency of?
Vitamin - A
43.According to the report of the Rangarajns committee, the new poverty line should be?
Spending below Rs.32 in rural and Rs. 47 in urban areas
44. GOI launched a scheme to create gainful self- employment opportunities to unemployed agri graduates, agri diploma holders, intermediate in agriculture. It is?
Agri Clinic and Agribusiness Centres Scheme
45. In effluent water treatment plant, Solid impurities are separated from water by?
46. PMFBY Threshold yield related question?