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Agriculture Current Affairs Part-1

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Which year is declared as international year of millets by the United Nations General Assembly?

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Agriculture census is a collection of basic data on important aspects of agricultural economy of operational holdings in the country by department of Agriculture and farmer welfare. It is conducted after every?

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Pattern of assistance under sub-mission on agriculture mechanization for kisan drones to FPOs is?

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Seed minikit programme was launched by ministry of agriculture in which year?

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Total number of KVKs are highest in which of the following Atari zones?

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ICAR launched Deen Dayal Upadhyay Unnat Krishi Siksha Yojana (PDDUUKSY) with an objective?

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Indigenous manufacturing of Neem coated urea started in 2014. To recover the cost of coating, it is sold at?

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Among oil seeds, which of the following crop having highest production and largest area under cultivation in India?

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First Nano Urea is developed by?

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Aroma mission, has started from J&K is popularly referred as?

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