Agrimentors Chandigarh

AFO 2021

One Liner Question Answer
1. Oryza Sativa is the scientific name of which crop?
2. European Honey bees are called as ?
Apis Mellifera
3. Retting is process of which crop?
4. Which of the following is known as silk protein?
5. Removal of off type plants?
6. In Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka grape vines are pruned in which months?
7. Decreasing order of water holding capacity is?
Clay > Silt > Sand
8. Alkaline Soil can be reclaimed by using _____?
9. Act of parturition in sow is ?
10. Pungency in onion is due to ?
Allyl Propyl Disulphide
11. Bordeaux Mixture is?
Copper Fungicide
12. Which of the following chemical is used in polyploidy breeding?
13. What is the fruit type of pineapple?
14. Late blight is the disease of?
15. Zoonosis diseases are infectious diseases that spreads between ?
Non human/animal to Human
16. Superiority of F1 hybrid over both the parents in terms of yield or some other characters is known as ?
17. Dropping the seeds in furrow lines in a continuous stream and covering them with soil is known as ?
18. Which of the following is a family of Mustard ?
19. Mould board instrument is used for?
20. Soil moisture is measured by which of the following instrument?
21. Blossom end rot is a disorder of __ crop due to the deficiency of____?
Tomato, Calcium
22. 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid is used as a hormone and it is also used as?
23. Two well developed breeds are crossed alternatively will be known as?
Criss Cross
24.Tree + Crop + Pasture/Animal combination of agroforestry is called?
Agri-Silvi Pasture System
25. Which of the following is not a sedimentary rock?
26. As per FSSAI Standards, what is the SNF of cow milk?
27. R.M. test is related to which dairy product?
28. Buffalo milk is more white than cow milk due to ?
Due to conversion of beta- carotene into colourless vit.A
29. Progeny of Breeder seed which should maintain certain germination standards and should be approved by certification agency?
Foundation Seed
30. Japanese encephalitis is mainly transferred by ?
31. Pendimethalin is used against?
32. Which of the following centrally sponsored scheme provides rs.6000/Annum for purchasing agriculture inputs like seed, fetilizer etc.?
33 Which of the following is known as Antheraea mylitta?
Tropical Tasar Silkworm
34. Deficiency of which nutrient causes - Rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults, milk fever in animals & reduction in milk yield?
35. Breed of Buffalo which has sickle shaped horns, turned downward in backward direction, skin color either brown or black & found in Gujarat is -
36. Symptoms of Powdery Mildew of Pea are first appear on?
37. Fruit type of rose is?
38. Anammox is related to?
Nitrogen Cycle
39. Smother crops can be defined as?
Crops grown to suppress weed infestation by their dense ground covering
40. A negative factor in adoption of an innovation is ?
41. The process of unwinding silk filaments from the cocoons is called?
42. ICMR recommendation for vegetables (g/day) is ?
43. The principle of this technique is the generation of nitrogen cycle by maintaining higher C: N ratio through stimulating heterotrophic microbial growth, which assimilates the nitrogenous waste that can be exploited by the cultured spices as a feed?
Biofloc fish farming
44. Beetle having horn like projection on head, black body and attacks on open terminal portion?
Rhinoceros Beetle
45. Parallel and non parallel strands in DNA helix is connected by which bond?
Hydrogen Bond
46. Ratoon sugarcane is different as compared to pure crop because of-
More N required
47. Discovery of_____mosaic in 1886 by Mayer?
48. Piercing and Sucking type mouth part is found in which order?
49. The process of breaking up the large fat globules to very small sizes is known as?
50. Disintegration of arils in matured pomegranates where disorder cannot be identified externally, whereas the arils become soft, light creamy-brown to dark blackish-brown and unfit for consumption?
Internal Breakdown
51. Price Policy of major agricultural crops related question was there ?
52. Mandis are which type of market?
53. Scratching, Rubbing and softening seed coat to make it permeable for water?
54. Which of the following housing system is used in commercial layer farming cage system in poultry having dimensions of 14x16 inches or height 17 inches?
Bettery Cage System
55. What is the premium rate payable by PMFBY beneficiaries for Rabi crops (% of SI or Actuarial rate) ?
56. The credit for the success of Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) goes to ?
Dr. Chandrika Prasad