Agrimentors Chandigarh

AFO 2020

One Liner Question Answer
1. Botanical name of Pomegranate ?
Punica granatum
2. Land Holding of small scale farmers?
1 to 2 ha.
3. Gestation period of buffalo ?
316+-5 (According to options)
4. Which of the following state has highest area of forest cover?
5. BANANA is propagated through?
Sword suckers
6. Act of mating in sheep is called?
7. Golden revolution is related to?
8. Isolation distance required for foundation seed production of okra?
400 m.
9. Pulsing practice can be described as?
Chemical treatment to increase vase life of flower
10. Sex attractant in trapping of insect is known as?
11. Which one of the following cattle breed is good for draught purpose but female is not efficient in milk production?
12. Planting system having plants in right angle equal distance from each other?
Square system
13. Irregular Bearing variety of Mango is?
14. Northwest breed of sheep known for best quality white wool production is?
15. Re-growth of crop from stubble is termed as?
16. Which of the following refers to the zone of the zone of illuviation?
"B" Horizon
17. Which of the following is a symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria?
Rhizobium, Frankia, Anabaena azollae
18. Ley Farming
Alternate growing of pulses and grass for pasture
19. The technique which reduce soil erosion, evaporation, kinetic energy impact of rain drops is?
20. FMD vaccine in sheep is given once in every__________?
6 months
21. Vaccine used against ranikhet in poultry is ?
Lasota vaccine
22. Soil strength is measured by ?
23. NRLM scheme replaced to which scheme?
Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana
24. Aphid transmitted disease in tobacco?
Tobacco leaf curl
25. Crown cleaning is done in?
26. White muscardine disease occurs in?
Silkworm (caused by Beauveria bassiana)
27. Which among the following is a tropical fruit?
28. What do you call a female pig if it has not given birth to piglets?
29. Blue tag is related to which type seed?
Certified seed
30. Germination percentage in certified seed of wheat?
31. Yellow colour of milk is due to?
32. Which oil cake is used in fish pond to kill predatory insects?
Mahua Oil Cake
33. Highest area of vertisols found in found in which state?
34. Which one is pan india portal & Online trading of agricultural commodities through which platform?
E - nam
35. Which institution is established to provide vocational training to farmer and field level extension workers?
36. Removal of male bud in banana is called?
37. In which grafting Rootstock debarded 45 cm from ground level two slopes cut given and wedge is made tongue shape scion inserted?
Wedge grafting
38. Which of the following medicinal plant is used for curing laxative?
39. Which of the following sentence is false about honey bees?
Swarming is a method of bee propagation.
40. Type of silkworm that breed only one time in a year
Univolitine Strain
41. Maggots in guava fruit?
Fruit fly
42. Which biocontrol agent is used to control bollworms in cotton ?
Beauveria bassiana
43. Bt is a transgenic crop used to combat?
44. Mating of wider degree relation not closer one and result in uniformity is known as?
Line Breeding
45. Feeding ration of lamb, calves and piglets but not used for adults is known as?
46. Which among the following is not a bacterial disease?
47. Let down of milk is due to which hormone?
48. Feed conservation ratio of broiler chicken is?
1.5 to 1.9
49. Goat breed having highest lactation period?
50. What type of emulsion found in milk?
Oil in Water
51. What is the major symptom of Sodium deficiency in cow?
Dehydration and fluid reduction
52. Type of erosion after sheet erosion in which finger like structure is formed?
Rill erosion
53. Geological formation which is neither porous nor permeable and there are no interconnected openings hence it cannot transmit water is called
54. Soil moisture decreased below wilting point water held tightly by soil particles condition is called?
Permanent wilting point
55. New leaf of plant shows yellow spots and veins remain green, It is a deficiency of which nutrient?
56. What is the major symptom of Sorghum shoot fly attack?
The larva cuts the growing point, resulting in wilting and drying of the central leaf,
57. Which of the following is macro nutrient ?
58. Trees for boundary and decoration and shade purpose?
59. A disease of rose in which greyish white powdery patches are seen on the tender leaves and flower buds, mature leaves get malformed and flower bud fail to open and plant present wilted appearance?
Powdery mildew
60. Grape training system where they are connected with each other? wilted appearance?